Drops of Wisdom from Mesnevi

Yazar: Tuna ERDOĞDU

Editör: Dr. Harun Tuncer

Redaksiyon: kitapeditoru.com

Kitap Türü: Türk Klasikleri

Sayfa Sayısı: 136

ISBN No: 9786055112905

Ebat: 13,5*21


Abdurrahman Jami rightly pinpointed the fact that Rumi "Surely was not
a prophet, yet he had a book."

And it's also a rightful evaluation made by Erich Fromm that goes:

"Mawlana is not only a great poet and a unique sufi but he was also a
man who succeeded to go into the depths of human nature and discover
the inner world of man."

You will, with this humble volume, enjoy some 60 "drops of wisdom"

Fiyat: 40,00 ₺ 56,00 ₺

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